Binge watch “ADDICTION”

So many worlds to choose from..which one do you want to be in now!!

Why do I binge watch?

In today’s digital world, where everything is on your fingertips, it’s pretty easy to get addicted to stuff. As a child I always associated addiction with things like smoking, drinking, drugs etc. But growing up I have come across a huge revelation, addiction can be associated with anything and everything!! People are addicted to coffee & tea, apparently you can be addicted to fitness too “#fitnessaddict”. So I decided to find out what am I addicted to? I found the answer to be, coffee & “binge watching”.

I pondered upon when did it all start? Being brought up in an academically competitive Indian household limited my hours watching TV, sometimes the content was monitored too!! But even for an hour it felt amazing to be able to see Miley Cyrus’s world. Once my worried mother asked me a question, “10th ka exam hai TV ke samne baith kar time pass kar rahi hai, sab padh lia? Tension nhi ho rhi?”. I asked myself the same thing “what was I even thinking watching TV so close to the finals?”. Though, much later in life, I found out why was I doing that? I as a child was just trying to escape the reality. When you are watching something and are completely engrossed in it, you forget all about you problems and just live in the movie.

I am 23 and I still do that every time I have a problem or anything I can’t get my mind off of. I pick a world and loose myself in it for hours at length. It’s not a fix, just a temporary escape from the real world to which ever world you want to go to.

This is how I got addicted to binge watching and I don’t think it’s particularly a bad thing. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it brings me a great deal of joy every time I finish a series!! “But” like all addictions binge watching has it’s cons. Sometimes it takes a toll on you, you prefer watching something than engaging yourself socially with actual human beings, neglect work or other things that should have priority over watching movies.

It feels relieving to live in a virtual world, but it’s equally important to live in the real ones!!

Binge Watch..but keep yourself in check!!

Happy binge watching your favorite world!!!!

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