Burning in the rain!

I had a long day ahead of me. We all plan stuff don’t we, and this was not my plan.

Life was all good in the morning. I woke up with a beaming smile and good vibes. The sun was shining and birds were chirping. It’s our anniversary, I thought to myself with a goofy smile. I made some coffee, it was exceptionally good today. I put on my best outfit which I had carefully curated for today, a perfect combination of chic & cute.

Today I took the cab, wanted to reach early and get all my work done before time. Of course I had to leave early, it was our big day. When I entered the room, all I could see were “I am so jealous!! eyes” from my friends, and I liked it. After a brief chat with them, I went into my cabin, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Wild flowers all over my cabin just like the ones he used to get me when we were kids. I couldn’t contain my happiness, I think I went through all shades of blush within seconds. It reminded me of the times when we use to sneak out in the middle of the night, after everyone was asleep, and go on our romantic strolls. He used get me wild flowers every Saturday, cause mowing lawns doesn’t pay high school kids enough to get their girlfriends flowers every weekend. It was our little romance. This trip down memory lane was getting me all emotional. With much difficulty I managed to get started on my work with a grande cup of coffee. I had an important meeting about the new book we were about the publish. I was all set and ready to leave for my meeting when I noticed the card sticking out of the flowers, which said:

” When you walked into the room that night, everything changed. I bumped into the pillar, cause I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were my best friend but suddenly that was not enough, I wanted more. I wanted to hold you tight and just kiss those velvet lips! Since then I have loved you and will go on forever.”

I was feeling hundreds of emotions rush through my body, I could remember every detail of that kiss. It was my first kiss and it was with my best friend. That day had effectively changed my life forever. I gathered my thoughts and went for the meeting. The book was really good, we were very confident about it but the writer had not landed on a title yet. He came up with a few ideas, one in particular was his favorite, but wasn’t very popular with the team. We decided to give it more thought and finalize it in the next meeting. Most of the work was done in the meeting, I just had to wrap up a few things before I could leave. I quickly got everything done and left for the mall.

I had to pick up the much awaited gift. I had it made special for my special person. No amount of traffic was going to get my spirit down today. I was so excited, I barely managed to stop smiling when I asked for my key card at reception. The lift was going up and with each level so was my frenzy. Our room was at the end of the hallway. I could hear my heart beat in my head. I remembered this feeling from the first night we spent together. I entered the hotel room and it was magnificent. The city looked so beautiful in the night I thought. The sky was darker now, It was extremely hot in the morning. I was hoping for some rain. I started thinking about the wonderful time we had together, last year on this very day, when we went to the Bahamas. Which reminded me that we were supposed to plan a trip. I had arrived way too early than planned. So, I ordered some wine and started searching for places we could go to. Scrolling through all the many options, I had dozed off for a bit. Woken up by the lightening & thunder, I decided to take a stroll down the Resort. It was kind of windy, and the clouds were getting darker. I have always loved rains. There is something very romantic about hiding in abandoned buildings, half drenched, awkward and uncomfortable but then looking at the cute guy and laughing together. But he was not a fan of this weather, that reminded me of the last time we got caught in the rain. We had a really huge fight that day. He said that he wasn’t ready yet, to start a life together, said that he had a lot of things he wanted to do, before getting married. He wanted to travel and experience different cultures. I guess he was right, we are quite young, It’s just that we have been together since forever and lived almost the same lives since high school, I didn’t think getting married was that major a step. But we never talked about that ever again. I felt really tired and soon realized I had walked to the opposite end of the resort.

So I just sat down for a bit in the gazebo. It was in the middle of the park. I could see the tall trees and the young couples making out behind them. We didn’t do that anymore. We are in love, but don’t say it often. I guess, that happens when you have been together for a long time. I missed those days when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Constantly sneaking out to kiss.

One couple in particular caught my attention. Her hair was in a bun and the velvet’s were barely covering her back. It was a gorgeous black lil’ dress. The kiss looked so passionate and it was so cute, that her foot popped. That’s when I noticed the watch it was a beautiful black titanium belt Octo Finissimo Bvlgari watch, just like the one I had gifted him last year on this very day. It was then, I got a good look of his face which was still buried in the girls face. It was dark but the resemblance was uncanny. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe. My heart was running at the speed of an express train, it could just explode. I was too afraid to get a closer look. There was this huge pit in my stomach. I couldn’t feel anything, I was numb and clueless as to what next?

I couldn’t face him right now. So I walked, with all the courage and dignity I could muster, towards the main building. Entered the elevator. Before I knew I was on the terrace. There was not a soul around, I checked. Then, all hell broke loose. I was still in love with a man who didn’t love me anymore. I guess I knew it deep down. His gestures were getting big, but we didn’t talk anymore. He was always too exhausted for our dates, and the kisses were getting formal. I guessed, the black dress girl was getting my share of the time and love. No wonder he was so exhausted all the time. It was as if someone kicked me in the gut. I could feel my body heating up, almost burning. At this point I didn’t know if it was the rage or the wine. It started drizzling, but the raindrops evaporated as soon as they hit the earth, that’s when the tears started running down my burning cheeks. It was raining and the ground beneath me was burning hot. I felt one with the earth we were both burning in the rain.

I couldn’t move a limb and just sat there in the rain and then it hit me that the author was right, the title of the book should be. “Burning in the rain”.

4 thoughts on “Burning in the rain!

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