She ought to know right?

Love, selfless & unconditional.
Patience, of a saint.
Caring & worrying, forever constant.
Protects, like a guardian angel from all the harm in the world.
A best friend, who is always there.
A guide, who shows the right path.
Believes in me, when I loose faith in myself.
Fulfills my needs, before I even understand them.
She stays up to take care of me, when I am sick.
She discerns my distress, even before I utter a word. 
Knows exactly, how to cheer me up when I am down.
Tirelessly works without complaining with no expectations.
Gives me life lessons, everyday.
Prays for my happiness & health.

She does all that and I constantly fight with her.
I am sure she feels unappreciated at times.
But she ought to know right? 
She is my best friend.
She is my go to person for everything.
She gives me the strength to face life.
She inspires me everyday with her love & strength.

I love her and I am sorry I don’t say that enough Mumma!!

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