ठहराव- Ode to love

Her life was like of a river
flowing over the rocks
passing through dense forests
recklessly just living through life
NOT wanting to
But now, every time
she goes through the woods
she wishes to stop flowing
and be still
because she was content & calm
happy and wanting to live
rocks or plains, she enjoyed every inch of it
His gestures made her gush
with overwhelming emotions, she had never felt before
she waits every day to see his beaming smile
that made her blush all shades of pink
“weak in the knees” would not even begin to describe
the butterflies she felt when he looked through her eyes
and into her soul, connecting to those strings
she had buried deep, thinking the damage was permanent
never to be fixed
she thought, never again she could love
she thought, never again she could trust
but when she met him
her heart was fond again
her eyes searched for him frantically
when he was not around
for what felt like ages, she kept her feelings
hidden away in the deep depths of her heart
uncertain of what she was feeling
but the flow of these feeling was powerful and only hastening
he just made a little crevice
and she poured her heart out.

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