Pouring rain drowns the pain

Pouring rain drowns the pain. It’s as romantic and dramatic it can get. When the heavy drops of rain washes me over, it’s hard to even hear my own thoughts. It’s so easy to believe that I am alone and no one is watching me.

I just stand there in the rain. Numb from the cold. The numbness I feel is only physical but, sometimes the emotions I feel are almost as dark as the cloud pouring down on me, ready to burst. Sometimes standing in the rain getting drenched can be the perfect escape to let it all out. The anger, the hurt and the tears.

After standing there motionless for sometime, looking at the stream of water flowing away from me. It was like watching all my frustrations and anxiety melting away, getting drained. Slowly feeling the rain drops again, I felt less exhausted than before.

Maybe I will see the rainbow at the end of it and just, maybe there is still hope for me.

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