The 4 ones

Typically there are 4 kinds of ones that we come across in our lives. Firstly, “No one” a lot of us feel like we are nobody. We don’t matter or mean nothing to anyone around us. Secondly, there is “Everyone” i.e. the category that most of us fall into. Life just passes us by. We do what everyone around us is doing without discovering what we really want or who we are. There is hardly any sense of individuality. Then there is the third category, “Someone”. These are the people who break through the monotony of “everyone”. They make their marks by doing something different or better than everyone. Last and very rare are “The ones”. This category is scarce because these people are the best at something. It can be work, some skill or are adored by someone enough to become their “The One”.

A lot of us fit into more than one category, we can be someone’s the one, someone in our careers, or everyone in our choices. The important take away is the kind of “one” we are is decided by our choices, effort, the people surrounding us and our circumstances. Some of it is luck and a lot of it is choices and effort.

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