Journal writing

As a child I was once asked, why did I keep journals? What was the purpose of it? To write down my secrets? and I thought, I really did keep a journal to share all my thoughts that I found tough to share with others. Looking back, I think there was much more to it than just, jotting down secrets and difficult thoughts.

Writing down my feelings and thoughts gave me a chance to organize and process my thoughts. When I sat down and wrote, I naturally thought deeply about what I was writing and it helped me process and understand myself better. Sometimes communicating our exact feelings or thoughts to some we deeply care about also can be a herculean task. Writing in my journal helped me compose my views and opinions regarding myself and the world. It has always been a freeing act, the journal doesn’t judge me or have opinions about me, my choices or my life. It just patiently absorbs all I have to say, without making me feel conscious about myself.

It feels like I have partner in the journal, who is always there to hear me out and help me help myself. This is why I keep a journal. What about you?

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